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Are you Toxic?


When I got up this morning I went through my 
normal routine.

The kids got up, they ate breakfast and we all kind 
of sat around and talked about what we were going to
do for the day.

Well after we finished talking and putting things away, I decided it was a good time to check my email.

Low and behold I get this email from this one man that I thought
was pure gold.

Here's what it said.

National Geographic SENT their reporter, David Duncan, to
get his body tested for chemical toxins and find out exactly
what was inside him
(and probably all of us too).

Why they decided to do that, I'll never know.

Probably to sell more magazines.

Anyway... after spending $15,000 and checking him for over 
300 chemicals, David tested positive for 165 chemicals including 
flame retardants, chemical pesticides and heavy metals.

How are they affecting his body? 

They said, "We're not 100% certain, but there's a very high 
probability that these toxins are causing harm, and probably 
hormonal upset." 

Interesting huh?

Hormonal upset.

So my question to you is this?

How Toxic Are you? (CNN says: Probably at least 165 chemicals)
You may have only 100 of those, but you still have some.

When I first started studying nutrition many years ago I always
was told that you should cleanse once or twice a year to stay healthy.

So thats what I did until I meet a doctor that was treating and curing cancer
and many other severe diseases with high success all naturally.

He explained to me that you should be cleansing our body every single day
because of all the chemicals and poisons that we come in contact with everyday. 

This tells me as a doctor that your body needs cleansing 
and it needs cleansing everyday.

Not necessarily because of what you eat, not necessarily 
because you are around carpet, and automobiles, but because
of the world that we live in.

All I'm saying is this. 

If you care about yourself, your family and your friends, 
you should consider giving this email and have them come 
in and talk with me.

I recommend a couple different type of cleanses depending on the patient 
and their health. 

I also will recommend a program for you to keep cleanse your body each and 

They help clean your blood and they help you stay healthier.

If you think things aren't going to go wrong, you are 100% wrong.

You just have to do things to prevent them from going wrong and
this is the best way of doing it.

Don't wait.

These supplements are 100% all natural.

Got a question for you?

Have you ever went to a medical doctor?

I have.

What do they do?

They do a quick exam most of the time, check your vitals, 
listen to your symptoms, then give you a prescription. They
don't 'ask' you if you want to take something, they just give
it to you. 

It's what you need (in their opinion), and they're going to be 
the doctor. They don't ask, they just give.

But is it making you healthier or just blocking your symptom that you
are having?

Doing the right Cleanse will improve your health.

Everything I do here in my office is all natural and you can still take 
all your medications. 

Dr. Hesselberg

P.S. You now know you're probably inundated with chemicals
yourself. And if that's true, these chemicals will ultimately
affect your hormonal system. When that happens - things go wrong, 
and you can get sick, feel sluggish, age prematurely, plus have 
all kinds of other health issues and problems. 

What should you do about it? 

Make sure you're getting allthe vitamins, minerals, trace minerals,
and amino acids you need to stay healthy.

Then as a follow up, make sure you're getting your system cleaned 

More people probably worry about changing their oil in their 
cars than they do about cleansing their body. When something goes 
wrong with their body, that's when they start thinking about their health. Help them out. 

You only get your health once get started today! Call (734) 677-0111.

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