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What's your PH level

Do you understand why you need to know your pH; because conditions such as osteoporosis, dental health, muscle strength, memory and every other aspect of cell function is impacted by it!

pH is the measure of acid (vinegar) and alkaline (baking soda). The significance of knowing your level is a critical marker for you to be acquainted for your long-term optimal health strategy. The body has many ways to control equilibrium or balance the pH – the exchange of nutrients across cell membranes impacts the acid/alkaline pH level.

The natural tendency for the current state of health in our fast paced society results in body function ending in an acidic level. I have three common conditions that may result due to an imbalance in pH. First, acid needs to be neutralized or balanced by minerals; osteoporosis is a segment of the collateral damage which may occur with long-term stress resulting in an acid pH and a diet focusing on acid foods.

Secondly, muscle metabolism or contractions results in lactic acid.  Lactic acid accumulates in tissues causing sore muscles in patients with a tendency of having a B vitamin deficiency often caused by stress and sugar acid creators. Common body signals of an acid pH and for a need for B vitamins includes: Crying easily, low blood pressure, sleepy after a meal and elevated estrogen.

Third sugar is one of the most significant little known reasons one may have a low or acid pH. I consistently notice in patients who suffer with the most health challenges a diet of sugar which ruthlessly cannibalizes minerals.

Calcium is one of the most abundant minerals in the body and the one primarily called upon to neutralize acid. Stress is traditionally associated with an acid pH and is virtually handcuffing everyone we see in our practice and is a primary factor depleting calcium. Low calcium is one reason for high blood pressure, cold sores, cramped muscles, heart palpitations and even the flu.

Yes, you read that right – lack of calcium, either because of eating too much sugar, a vitamin D deficiency and/or stress, is a factor to consider with subpar function and the flu. I have repeatedly seen that the flu shot does not always help people who have their hand in the cookie jar, are under stress and or do not have enough vitamin D.

I would encourage you to focus on a variety green foods which are apt to create an alkaline pH and the acid ash foods would be a group to avoid when under stressful seasons in your life.

There are many important reasons to monitor your pH. Soft bones will result when calcium is pulled to balance acid. You may notice thinning hair, leg cramps, dental problems, joint pain, high blood pressure and even itchy skin if your pH is below 6.5.

It has been suggested that cancer cells flourish in an acid environment; all the more reason to avoid acid foods, reduce stress and focus on a diet that promotes alkaline ash. If you do not care for green foods and or if they create digestive distress I would add one scoop of alkaline NitroGreens™ from Biotics Research Labs to the water you use to take your daily routine of supplements. You can't find a better green supplement then this one and its what I use daily.

Eat to Live Not Live to Eat

Dr. Hesselberg

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