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IODINE (Part 2)


As you may know, radiation levels in the northern 
hemisphere have continually increased over the 
last 60 years and made much worse by the Fukushima
incident that is still ongoing.

That's a bad thing, but it's the truth.

It's been documented.

And I know you're not sitting around searching 
Google trying to find out the latest radiation readings,
but that's not what this email is all about.

Here's what it is about though.

Helping people.

The top doctors and radiation experts have 
told informed listeners that there are simply 
two options (and only two) in responding to 
this radiation nightmare:

-Relocate to the Southern Hemisphere, 


-Begin taking a natural form of pure Iodine

We sell Iodine in our office of the highest quality form of Iodine on planet Earth.

This Iodine is free of common contaminants like GMO derivatives.

These are the little devils that can 
plague many other forms of Iodine that are being sold to overcome 
this massive exposure to radiation that is now rampant.

And remember: You don't have to see it -to believe- what I'm saying.

That'd be like you telling me you don't believe in
radiowaves, but you still turn on the radio when you're
in your car and listen to news or music.

They radiowaves are there. 

You just can't see them.

The radiation is there... you just can't see it.

So... if you care about your health, your family's health,
your friends health, why aren't you and them taking iodine?

They should be.

It's a preventative measure.

My take on it is this. It's something that is easy to take,
and helps in preventing dis-ease before it happens. (You can
hear all about that on the CD we will give you and a host of other things to numerous to mention in one email like this one.)

I'm sure you understand my passion for these products. We sell a tablet form and a liquid form of Iodine.

If you have any question contact Dr. Hesselberg

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