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Bread--A Modern Curse?

Bread--A Modern Curse?

A patient of mine was diagnosed with celiac disease, or gluten intolerance, years ago after nearly 20 years of suffering from chronic digestive and absorption problems that no one could explain or help relieve.

Although complications from the disease had brought him to a very bad state of health, I started treating him nutritionally with my weight loss program and he made steady improvement and lost 21lbs the first month, 19lbs the second, and 17 the third.

The moment all sources of gluten were banned from his diet and nutrient-dense foods were added (including plenty of gelatin-rich broth) his weight and health changed.

His health changed so dramatic and he was able to keep the weight off that he thought he was cured. About a year and a half later, because he was feeling so good he believed he could try and eat something small with gluten.

So when a local club meeting sponsored a pancake breakfast which would be an opportunity to socialize with many friends, he wanted to participate. I strongly advised against this move, but he had one pancake anyway.

But less than 48 hours later, unpleasant symptoms of an allergic reaction began and did not fully disappear for almost 2 weeks.

A bitter lesson, but one not likely to be soon forgotten. Someone always tells me they eat in moderation. Well very seldom does moderation work. Its cheating and will continue to create health problems.

Our weight loss program is about getting you healthier to lose weight. If you try and seek something in you are only hurting yourself. If you are craving anything tell me and I will help you tell you how to get over it.

Eat to Live Not Live to Eat

Dr. H

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