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Synthetic Vitamins?

Synthetic Vitamins? 

The body treats all synthetic vitamins as foreign substances, reacting to them like toxins. These toxins are then processed and neutralized by the liver and kidneys, which sends then to the kidneys for elimination. This is the real story behind the "expensive urine" of excess vitamin intake. 

Many people feel an energy increase, even euphoria, when they start to take synthetic vitamins. But taking excessive amounts for an extended period of time will cause the effects to reverse.

(quoted from "Going Back to the Basics of Human Health," p.36)

Try a whole food vitamin like Standard Process vitamins and you will never go back to synthetic. You will feel better, look better and your body and pocket book will be happy you did. Standard Process is the oldest vitamin company in the world and invented the very first vitamin ever. They use the best organic real materials (vegetables, fruit, herbs).

Eat to Live Not Live to Eat

Dr. Hesselberg

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