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Michael Johns, American Idol Season 7, has died


I don't watch TV a lot, but I do get on the internet
constantly trying to find out more ways I can help people
with their Health.

But here is reason I'm writing you today.

I want you to be healthy.

Take Michael Johns, the American Idol Season 7
Finalist. On August 2nd he died at age 35.

A close friend of the Idol, Torrey Gimbill, said
Johns was complaining about pains in his legs the
day before his death. "My mom took him into the
emergency room [Thursday]," said Gimbill. "He had
complained about his leg hurting him; he thought it
might be a blood clot because it had bruised pretty
badly and he never hurt his leg."

Here's where it gets scary.

According to TMZ, medical doctors sent Johns home on
Thursday, finding nothing wrong; the next day he
was discovered in an unresponsive state on his
friend's couch, and he was dead by the time
paramedics arrived at the scene.

What if that was you?

Its time to take your health into your own hands.

Stop believing everything everyone tells you including your doctor

and research it for yourself.

Stop eating all the sugar and carbs (I know you love them)
but they are hurting your health and eventually probably 
are going to KILL you!

Here's the deal.

If you want help with your health and are going to take it
SERIOUSLY, I can help.

I hope and pray you never get like Michael Johns,
but anyone can catch a serious problem like he had 
if you don't take care of your health.

Michael Johns was an incredible talent but he's gone.

Be the authority in your own health and life and take charge, 
do what you have to do to improve your health, and don't be
afraid to tell your doctor what you want not what they want you to do. 

Eat to Live Not Live to Eat
Dr. Hesselberg

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