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As a rising tide raises all boats, no matter how big or small the boat, the same goes for you getting regular chiropractic care. We’ve found that regular care helps improve all aspects of your personal health and well being.

   This process occurs because chiropractic care directly addressees your nervous system, which is your body’s master system. Your nervous system conducts electrical type messages between your brain and every other organ, tissue, and cell in your body. If your brain tells your finger to move, it moves. If it tells your big toe to move, it moves.

   As a result, the proper functioning of your cardio respiratory, digestive, endocrine, immune, and reproductive systems depends on effective, timely reception and transmission of electrical information from your brain through your nerves.

   By making sure your spine is aligned, (like the front end of a car,) regular care helps reduce and remove irritation to your centrally located spinal nerves. If there is misalignment, there is irritation and where’s there’s irritation, there is inflammation.

   Regular spinal alignments allow your spinal nerves to do their job properly, with irritation, which helps ensure you that your heart, lungs, immune cells, pancreas, thyroid, stomach, and intestines are all doing their job - at the best level possible. The outcome is enhanced health, & healthier organs - across the board. Don’t wait for symptoms to bring you in for an adjustment. Prevent these health challenges from happening by making sure you’re checked as often as needed.

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Dr. Hesselberg

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