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Flu vaccine????

Flu vaccine doesn't save lives.
Vit. D better -by far!

Influenza mortality has not declined with increasing vaccination rates.  A 2006 study stated "We found no evidence of reduction in influenza-related mortality in the last 15 years, despite the concomitant increase of influenza vaccination coverage from ~10% to ~60%."

Virology Journal February 25, 2008, Volume 5

Just in time for flu shots... Here's what mercury in flu shots does to nerve cells.  Click here to see
Mercury stripping nerve cells

Of the 160 million flu shots, there are some set aside for people like you who wish to have MERCURY-FREE flu shots; no thimerisol.  They are expecting you and those shots are set aside in refrigerators as opposed to the others ones which just sit in boxes. If you get a flu shot, request mercury free.  They have 6,000 ready for you out of the 160 million.

A better option than the flu shot is Vitamin D. According to a study in the journal Epidemiology and Infection: only one person out of 104 had a cold or flu while taking 2,000 IU's (IU= International Units) of vitamin D. That one person only had ONE COLD all year out of all 104.

The people in the control group, also numbering 104 members, suffered an average of 3 colds/flu per person per year.

Please re-read those last two paragraphs if your jaw didn't drop.  One cold in the Vit. D group versus 312 colds in the control group.  Each group had 104 people.

Epidemiology and Infection, October 2007

Come in today to be tested to see if you would benefit from Vitamin D supplementation which could prevent colds and flu.

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