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Do you Need a Christmas Gift?

Are you looking for a Christmas gift that someone will enjoy and use? Give them an herbal hot/cold pack We just got these Herbal Hot/Cold pack in and we are selling them for half off!!  

ONLY $15

  • Hot/Cold Relief with Aromatherapy - Microwave or Freeze
  • Made with ALL NATURAL Organic Materials, 100% safe for People, Pets and the Environment
  • A soothing aromatic blend of nature's finest herbs for easing aches and pains
  • Prevent moisture loss of the skin, improving hydration of the skin cells
  • Comfort from muscle spasms and tension

The Herbal Packs contain a blend of the following herbs:

Cinnamon - Antispasmodic
Yellow Dock Root - Improves Circulation   Flax Seed – Inflammation
White Willow - Relieves Aches & Pains     Chamomile – Relaxant
Yarrow - Promotes Healing                        Peppermint - Relieves Pain
Spearmint - Relaxant                                Lemongrass - Relieves Pain
Rosemary - Relieves Headaches               Wheat – Promotes Healing

Hot Therapy (Microwave It!)
Backaches * Migraines * Stress
Tendonitis * Bursitis * Insomnia
Sinusitis * Arthritis * Earaches
Cramps * Neck Pain * TMJ
Colic * Muscle Aches * Flu

Cold Therapy (Freeze It!)
Heatstroke * Black Eye * Burns
Bruises * Hives * Nose Bleeds * Swelling
Headaches * Fever * Toothaches 
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Sport Injuries

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