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How Important Are Adjustments To Your Health?

Question: How Important Are Adjustments To Your Health?

     Here’s something you may have forgotten about.

     Your brain and spinal cord, as well as everyone in your family, including your children are sensitive to “poor posture,” which can cause a lot of nervous system disturbances and when that happens, it leads to things like headaches and muscular tension - just to name a few.

     It’s pretty obvious that your posture is your structural appearance. I don’t know about you, but if you’re ever been to the mall, you’ve probably noticed someone walking around all hunched over. They can’t straighten up, even if they tried. They have a big hump in the upper part of their back, and they have some serious spinal issues.

     But posture is not as simple as you adjusting… the way you stand up or hold your head.

     Your posture, if it’s not aligned… can also affect how your body functions.

     If you’ve ever had x-rays, hopefully the doctor explained that your cervical spine (neck) has a natural 43-degree curve to it. When that natural curve is reduced or reversed (and that reversal happens a lot more often than not) the head is carried forward of the center of gravity.

     This forward head tilt is a bad thing. A really bad thing.

     For every one inch of forward head posture, the head effectively weighs ten more pounds and now your neck and upper back muscles have to labor to keep your head up and your eyes looking forward so you’ll see where you’re going. This’ll cause you neck pain, back pain, and even some muscle fatigue. When you lay down at night to sleep, you’ll most likely have to go to sleep with some stiff neck muscles. Trying to sleep with stiff neck muscles is not going to help you sleep.

     Correcting a problem like forward head carriage is a job for a doctor who understands the mechanics of good posture and how it’s involved with your nervous system! We do that.

     If we find out you have these problems, I can get you moving in the right direction so you don’t have that kind of stress on your neck and upper back caused by this disruption. Call to get a check up now. Don’t wait until it’s too late. CALL the office NOW! (734) 677-0111.

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