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What Really Keeps You Healthy?

What Really Keeps You Healthy?

     Ever asked your self that question? If you haven’t, you will in the future, especially when you are so sick you know you need a doctor to help you out of feeling bad.

     Here’s what you need to know. One of the be

st ways your body can protect itself is through a healthy immune system.

     Your immune system is your body’s defense system. It defends your body against germs, bacteria and other harmful microbes.

     Your immune system sends out specific cells, like phagocytes, (things that BAD GERMS don’t like) to fight against unwelcome guests.

     For example, if you get a cold (a runny nose, maybe even a fever, etc.), something called phagocytes will attack the invading germs causing the problem, then work at getting you strong and healthy again.

     When your immune system constantly works overtime, like during the holidays, it can become compromised. This happens a lot around holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

     You’re busy, you’re somewhat stressed with your time, there’s lots to do, you’re super busy and you’re not getting the right foods, a lot of good water, and the proper amount of sleep.

     When your immune system is compromised because of this, your body’s ability to bounce back - slows down and you can get SICK.

     This is where I come in. Chiropractic, nutrition, and a well balanced immune system (which I help you accomplish) helps keep you and your spine healthy and the nervous system it protects. (Don’t forget. Drugs help you ‘feel’ better some of the times, but it does nothing toward helping you actually get healthier.)

     Most people I’ve shared this with are surprised to learn that their nervous system helps control and regulate their immune system, but it does. Talk to me today about how you can achieve greater well-being through a healthy immune system.

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