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Only real doctors know this.


On my Christmas break I was doing some health building surfing,
trying to find some things to share with you to
help you improve your Health, and low and behold
I ran across this video on YouTube.

It's 13 minutes long, but if you care about who you
are, your health, and the health of everyone you know, you'll
gladly watch this video from 60 minutes.

FACT: You know people that are depressed.

FACT: You have family and friends that love you, but
are still depressed and a large percentage of them
take drugs on a regular basis.

Yeah they might send them videos that I send you on health every week, 
but they still don't get the BIG IDEA of how to improve their health.


Well guess what?

This video is so controversial that when I tried to embed
it in this email, I found out that they had made it to where I
coudln't embed it -- only share it.

I could only copy and paste the link which is

You just have to copy and paste it into your browser, and watch


Once you watch it - you're going to know with certainty
why you need to share this with everyone you know.

Why you need to continuing going to a chiropractor 
instead of taking drugs for different health problems.

Please share this message with all your friends and family
so we can help more people in our community get healthier
instead of getting sicker and supporting a Billion $$ industry.

M.D.'s, the ones that truly care about their patients,
understand what Dr. Kirsch had to say about drugs and
placebos. Listen closely how doctors can get great results,
with depression and almost any other type of illness WITHOUT DRUGS.

Take some notes as you listen to Dr. Kirsch, as there's a
lot of little gems in this video.

Dr. Hesselberg

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