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Chiropractic Success Stories


So let's talk about chiropractic success 
stories today. 

I have been practicing for 17 years, and spent 10 years in 
college (the same as a medical doctor). And in that time
I have helped hundreds of people achieve better 
health naturally through chiropractic adjustments and nutrition.

I'm going to share one of my many success stories today in the hope that it
will inspire and awaken you to keep working to improve your health. 

Not only to get rid of your "normal aches and pains" but to improve 
nerve function and the health of your body naturally.

Here's the story about one of my patients…

A 25 year old man was lying on a raft in his
apartment complex pool.

While turning his head to talk to a neighbor, he felt a
tingling and numbing sensation in his left shoulder and neck.

He got out of the pool and went into his apartment
to call his family doctor.

While on the phone, his speech became slurred, and
all he heard was the doctor's receptionist saying,
"Sir, I can't understand what you're saying."

After hanging up the phone, he felt the tingling
and numbness move into his upper left leg.

Soon after, the sensation traveled into his lower
leg, then into his foot, and then disappeared.

The next few weeks were spent getting medical
testing. They took enough blood to start his own
personal blood bank, and enough x-rays to light a
city. EEG, EKG, MRI, CAT scans, and blood work all
showed nothing wrong.

(Hint, if the medical field says that they can’t find
anything wrong then there is a good chance it’s a 
problem that a chiropractor can help with).

This young man was told that he was probably
suffering from stress and/or an early mid-life
crisis, and should just "take it easy" or "learn
to live with it."   (Really?????)
Can you imagine being that man and your doctor telling you

Not good but it happens every day in the medical profession.
I hear someone tell me this all the time.

He was given pain medicine, muscle relaxers, and a nerve blocker. 

But taking them caused him to feel like a magnet was pulling
his head to the ground.

He asked if he could go see his chiropractor but was told 
NO WAY that we could hurt him or damage the condition 
and make it worse.

(WHAT CONDTION??? I thought nothing was wrong with him?) 

He spent the next few MONTHS with severe headache,
intermittent neck spasms, tingling in the arms,head "jolts," and the uncertainty of
when the next symptom would strike.

If you've ever lived waiting for the next symptom to
strike, you know that it keeps you from doing your daily
activities, and from living your life the way you want
to live and most importantly having fun enjoying  life.

Fortunately, this young man's brother (a patient of mine also)
said I’m taking you to see Dr. Hesselberg no matter what your
medical doctors say.

His brother said, "You're going even if I have to pick you up
and put you in the car, drive you there, and pay for it."

On his FIRST visit I explained to him that old injuries, trauma,
accidents, every day wear and tear can cause the body to mis-align.

These misalignment's will put pressure on the nerves that runs from 
the neck into the head, into the arms, and even to the heart and lungs.

A pinch or blockage of these nerves and can cause symptoms like 
headaches and neck spasms, numbness, and heart issues as 
well as other health problems.

We then examined him and read all of his test that the medical 
doctors did on him.

I then gently started correcting the problems that we found on his
upper neck the following day.

Immediately after the treatment he felt a warmth and relief in his neck,
shoulder, arm, AND into his left leg, and he realized that something 
had definitely been done.

When he got home, his body felt the need for a nap, which I later 
explained was due to his body's release of tension and pressure.

His body was saying, "I don't have to work
overtime anymore - goodnight."

During the next month, in addition to his symptoms
being gone, the young man was thrilled to have his
energy, strength, and sense of well-being restored.

There are a lot of people who have had similar types
of so called "miracle" results. 

What yours? Write it down and let me know. 

I can't guarantee a cure for every patient or a specific symptoms 
or diseases, but I can say that when your body is free of nerve 
interference your body will function better and improve your health.

Everyone deserves to enjoy the miracle of better 
health and if you know of anyone have any type of health problem
please send them our way and I give them FREE consultation.

(734) 677-0111

Dr. Hesselberg

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