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Is Medical School a Scam

Is Medical school a Scam?

By Dr. Brownstein M.D.

  • How Big Pharma manipulates the statistics of statin studies to make them appear better than they are
  • How statins disrupt normal thyroid functioning
  • How the cholesterol = heart disease hypothesis is wrong
  • How you can protect yourself from becoming a heart patient
  • Statins have never been shown to affect the mortality rate of womenStatinDisaster-3T
  • Statins are associated with a host of adverse effects including congestive heart failure, neuropathy, ALS, mental confusion, brain fog, muscle aches and pains, Parkinson’s disease, and diabetes
  • What you can eat to prevent a heart attack
  • Why statins fail 99% of those who take them
  • Why you should refuse a statin medication

I had a fourth year medical student (with four days left in her medical schooling) in my office this week. When I asked her to name a positive study on statins, she said, “The JUPITER study.” I asked her why she picked JUPITER and she said, “I was just in the internal medicine clinic {of Wayne State School of Medicine} and the head of the office told me that JUPITER proved that statins significantly benefit healthy people. He claimed that taking Crestor (a statin drug that was used in the JUPITER study) reduced the risk of heart attacks by 50% and therefore everyone should be taking a statin drug.”

I was more than happy that she used JUPITER to support her opinion as I dissected the JUPITER study in The Statin Disaster. I printed JUPITER article and we reviewed the details together. After showing her how Big Pharma manipulates the data of statin studies in order to make them appear more beneficial than they actually are, I asked her to properly evaluate the study. Her analysis of JUPITER showed that Crestor failed 99.9% of those who took it. At the end of our discussion, she looked at me with a puzzled look and said, “Wow, medical school was one big scam.” (At that point, I talked her down off the ledge and told her it wasn’t all a scam and that there is a lot of good and bad associated with the practice of medicine.)

I feel statin drugs will be the class of medications that will most likely bankrupt our medical system. They provide little benefit and are associated with a host of serious adverse conditions and they are expensive. If you are already taking as statin medication, I suggest educating yourself on what I have written.

With that knowledge, you will be able to make a better health care decision when it comes to whether you or a loved one should be using a statin medication.

Eat to Live Not Live to Eat

Dr. H

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