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Kid Rock’s Holistic Approach

Kid Rock’s Holistic Approach

In New York Times magazine (2.8.15), there was an interview with Kid Rock. In the interview Kid Rock was asked, “Do you ever have trouble from night to night, losing your voice?” He replied, “In your 40’s, you can’t go out and hit it hard when you’ve got to do a show. This morning, I ate a tablespoon of Himalayan sea salt and drank a tablespoon of coconut oil.”

I think Kid’s holistic regimen of unrefined salt and coconut oil is a good one.  However, I would like to offer Mr. Rock and all of you a couple of other holistic tips to help you age better. The first thing I would tell Kid is to maintain optimal hydration. There is a synergistic effect with optimizing both salt and hydration.

How much water should you drink? Take your weight, divide by two, and the resulting number is the amount of water to drink per day. It is especially helpful to ensure proper hydration before you undertake a strenuous activity.

Kid Rock understands the importance of salt. I know what most of you are probably saying “Salt will cause heart and health problems.” But if you get the correct salt into your body it will only help your health and not hinder it. Salt is the second major constituent in the body next to water. You need salt to hold water into the cells of the body. In Dr. Brownstein’s book, he show you the science behind using salt in your diet.

I would add in two other items to help with aging. It is important to ensure that you have adequate Iodine levels. Over 96% of us are low in iodine. Iodine deficiency is the number one nutritional problem affecting the vast majority of Americans.  And, Mr. Rock, the healthy salt you are ingesting does not contain enough iodine. Of course, neither does table salt. Iodine helps maintain optimal glandular health-that includes the thyroid, ovaries, uterus, prostate, testicles, and pancreas. Iodine is needed for the glandular tissue to produce hormones.

Finally, I would suggest taking daily doses of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an essential element in our body as we cannot manufacture it. Optimal doses of vitamin C range from 3-5,000mg/day. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and can help speed your recovery from injuries.

In my newsletter, I provide many other suggestions to help you age healthier. Remember, you must make the best health care decisions for your body. You only have one body and you better treat it right.

Eat to Live Not Live to Eat

Dr. Hesselberg

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