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Neck Pain

Neck Pain?

If you have “neck pain” or “headaches,” you might want to consider what you read here and make sure that you stick to your appointments.

   A new study is one of the few head-to-head comparisons of various treatments for neck pain, a problem that affects three quarters of Americans at some point in their lives but has no proven, first-line treatment.

   Many people seek out doctors of chiropractic, and the evidence supporting its usefulness has been limited.

   But… the new research, published in The Annals of Internal Medicine, found that chiropractic care and some simple exercises done at home - were better at reducing pain… than taking medications like aspirin, ibuprofen or narcotics.

   Even a year later, there were differences between the spinal manipulation and medication groups.

   Moderate and acute neck pain is one of the most frequent reasons for trips to primary care doctors, prompting millions of visits every year. For you as a patient, it can be a difficult problem to navigate.

   In some cases the pain and stiffness “crop up” without explanation, and treatment options are varied. Physical therapy, pain medication and spinal adjustments… are your options, but adjustments from this office… do not have side effects like medications.

   If you’re having “neck issues,” “headaches,” or “any type of pain,” make sure that you call the office today. We’ll get you scheduled so we can find out what’s causing your immediate problems. Don’t put up with pain. CALL NOW and start feeling better.

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