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Do You Have Something Called SCIATICA?

Imagine having some type of pain down your leg, pain that is so painful that it’s hard to sleep, hard to bend over, and just ‘plain hurts.” I’m not sure if you know what it is, so let me explain it to you today in this handout.

   Sciatica (the medical term) affects your sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in your body, and this is the nerve that extends from your lower back all the way down the back of each of your legs.
What are the symptoms?

Here’s just a few of them:
• Pain in the leg or rear… that is worse when sitting
• Burning or tingling …running down the leg
• Weakness, numbness, or difficulty… moving the leg or foot
• A constant pain… on one side of the rear
• A shooting pain…
that makes it difficult to stand up

   Sciatica usually affects only one side of your lower body, but sometimes the pain travels from your lower back all the way through the back of your thigh - down through your leg.

   This intense at times pain may reach your foot or your toes. For some people, the pain can be very severe.  For other people, the leg and back pain might be infrequent and just seem a little irritating, but it can get worse and usually does.

   So what triggers this sciatica pain? Good question and I’ll answer that right now.

   Sciatica  pain is caused by irritation of the root(s) of your lower lumbar and

lumbosacral (nerves) spine.
Other common causes:

• Spinal stenosis… narrowing of the spinal canal in the lower back.
• Degenerative disc disease… affecting the discs that cushion the vertebrae.
• Spondylolisthesis
… when one vertebra slips forward over another one.
• Pregnancy… which can add a severe strain on the spine.

Some additional irritants you should be aware of:

excess weight, not exercising on a regular basis, high heels, or sleeping on a mattress that is too soft. Sciatic nerve compression may result in the loss of feeling, paralysis of a single limb or group of muscles, and insomnia.

                             Diagnosis Is Critical.

  Restricted spinal movement leads to more INTENSE pain and reduced function in that area. Regular chiropractic care can help your body heal itself with non-invasive (non-surgical), drug-free treatments. 

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