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Back Pain

Why Do I Have Back Pain

   Low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide, according to research published earlier this year so make sure you understand how important your lower back pain is to you.

   Some causes of back pain are obvious: You bent the wrong way when picking up your toddler, or spent the entire day playing football…for the first time in two decades.

   But many causes of spinal agony aren’t so clear.

   That’s a big problem, considering that within the past three months, nearly 30 percent of American adults reported at least one bout of back pain lasting one day or more.

   If your back’s bothering you and you can’t figure out why, check out these unusual or unexpected culprits. 

   The position of your pelvis.

   One of the primary causes of low back pain is a pelvis that’s out of alignment, said neurophysiologist and fitness expert Chad Waterbury, so it’s just not chiropractic doctors telling you this.

   He said, “The pelvic girdle consists of three bones that can shift depending on which muscles are weak or stiff. In most people, the left side of the pelvis is rotated to the right. This pulls on the muscles of the low back, causing pain and stiffness.”

   The fix: Get examined, get some x-rays if necessary, talk to me about your problem, so you can get your pelvis back into proper alignment.

   When my patients do this, most of the time they stand up and say, ‘My hips feel looser and my back pain is gone.’”. Do this two to three times the first week and most likely you’re going to see some really good results. Whatever you do, don’t put this off. When the pelvis is misaligned, it causes a lot of other problems, including disc problems. Call today to get your pelvis checked.

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