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Knee pain

Can Chiropractic help my knee pain?

   A: That’s a good question, but here’s the answer. There are many possible causes of knee pain, so I will try to answer your question from multiple aspects.

   In general, there are a few things that are important to know about chiropractic and knee pain.

   First, chiropractic alone (a joint mobilization to the knee) is likely not the only treatment that would need to be applied. (on this same topic, if you are told that an adjustment to your neck will fix your knee pain, you need to go somewhere else).

   Some training on stretch and strengthening to the joint is likely critical. As far as Xrays, we can easily take care of that along with diagnosing the cause of YOUR pain.

   If you follow the protocol and guidelines - you’re likely to get some good results.

   Now without knowing the source of the pain... your knees may begin to hurt if you spend too much time on your feet or are suffering from some form of arthritis.    

   You are not alone. I see a lot of patients who have knee problems from overuse of the knee joints, traumatic injury from events such as sports and falls and pain due to arthritic changes in the joint.

   What happens if a lot of time, your patella or kneecap does not move smoothly enough when bending, causing abnormal stresses upon the tendons, cartilage and ligaments.

   At this office we’re trained to provide the diagnosis and management of this problem through:

1) re-establishing proper muscle balance,

2) restoring movement to the patella, and

3) working with specialized tools and training to get you where you want to be.

   Strains and sprains often occur during sports that involve running and jumping.    

   Our type of specialized chiropractic care also successfully treats these conditions.

   Knee pain might be the result of “poor gait function.” If poor mechanics or traumatic injuries are NOT corrected at an early age, or early on, your knee joint tissues will eventually begin to erode.

   As a result of this, the bones rub upon one another and cause bone spurs. This painful condition is known as ‘degenerative joint disease’, or ‘osteoarthritis,’ and is often progressive with age.

   It is critical for you to get treated when your injuries occur, or you have symptoms, so they do not progress over time.

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