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Foot Pain and Ankle Pain

Foot Pain? Ankle Pain?

(read this today)

   Does your foot hurt? How about your ankle? You probably know that the foot bones are connected to the ankle bones, and the ankle bones are connected to the leg bones etc. Well there are amazingly twenty six bones in the foot, each and every one capable of causing foot pain!

   In between there are even more joints, likewise a rich source of something you know as pain.   

   Your foot is extremely richly endowed with nerves that send information to YOUR brain, telling the latter exactly where the body is poised in space. We doctors call it proprioception; you might think of it as position sense. It is so important that the body dedicates a specific tract in the spinal cord carrying this information to the brain; it also carries messages of fine touch.

   Receptors in the joints and tissues of YOUR feet send this position sense and light touch to YOUR brain via this thing we doctors call the dorsal column.

   Here’s an example: When one is kicking a ball, for example, and even walking, it is extremely important that the brain has exact information about the position of each part of the body, in order to precisely coordinate movement.

   Little wonder that the foot, with so many bones, joints, ligaments, nerves and muscles, all of which are extremely pain sensitive, can cause so much discomfort.

   Add to that the nasty affliction called gout that is exploding in the western world and one realizes how sensitive the feet are; the great toe and adjacent area becomes red, inflamed and swollen. A high protein diet, beer and mushrooms have been implicated.

   Look at the joints in the forefoot; they are the source of so called metatarsalgia; remembering that ending in a word means pain. In this instance it's in the ball of the foot.

   But then just let me say this. Any of the other bones and joints can cause foot pain. Fractured metatarsals after a fall can be the very devil, causing more than a year of agony.

   Some bones called the cuniforms often become arthritic and a diet rich in omega 3  and a chicken cartilage bouillon may be part of the solution.

   The talus and it's joint with the leg can be fractured in a bad ankle sprain; the navicular bone too. The heel bone or calcaneus bone can get something called avascular necrosis after a break as the artery runs through the bone and may be “cut off.”

   So the bump on the side of the ankle called the lateral malleolus is often fractured, and to it many of the stabilizing ligaments of the ankle are attached; just a sprained ankle can be pure misery. Sometimes bones like this can cause six months of pain; but that’s before a lot of people knew that chiropractic could treat ankles and feet. Call the office today if you have foot or ankle pain. We’re here to help you get out of pain.

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