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Headache Home Remedy

Headache Home Remedy


   I don’t know about you, but headaches are a real pain. They come about when you least expect it, and sometimes they’re hard to get rid of.

   So what I’d like to do, with your permission is to tell you about a home remedy I like. You know a remedy that you can try if the office is closed, or it’s over the holidays, so please, read this handout.

   One of the most useful home remedies for reducing headaches and migraine pain involves making changes to your diet. As you know, foods can create real problems.

   Certain tasty foods have been shown to affect the frequency and severity of headaches and migraine pain. Sugar of any kind will cause Headaches, joint pain, arthritis, back and neck pains. Sugar is fuel and eating any kind of sugar is like pouring fuel on a fire. ALL GRAINS (yes, including good grains) because all grains will turn into Glucose (sugar) which increase the pain. other foods including dairy; chocolate; creamy peanut butter; certain fruits, such as bananas, strawberries, and citrus; onions; meats with nitrates, such as bacon and hot dogs; foods containing good old nasty monosodium glutamate (MSG); all foods containing tyramine, an amino acid found in red wine; and foods that are fermented or pickled. 

   Now some of you are saying what do I eat then? You eat good healthy foods: vegetables (expect the starchy ones like potatoes, corn, soy products), lots of greens, cage free eggs, raw nuts, avocados, wild caught fish, beans, and lentils. Foods like these should be eaten all the time anyway to keeps us healthy. So before your next headache or pain try and start getting used to eating healthier foods. You will be surprised how well it works. 

   The best thing you can do is keep track of all these trigger foods and your reaction to them with a food diary. And don’t forget. Just because you eat a hot dog today, doesn’t mean it can’t cause a headache tomorrow.

Eat to Live Not Live to Eat

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