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Chiropractic and infants

Chiropractic & Infants


   A large percentage of newborns are in need of chiropractic care. While the naturally flexible skeleton of a newborn can withstand the rigors of childbirth - under normal conditions, it often cannot withstand the impact of forceps, intense and prolonged labor, or abnormal positioning prior to delivery. Even cesarean born children - can suffer intrauterine stress to their spine and cranium


   The first sign of an infant in trouble is constant crying. And despite a diagnosis by your pediatrician of COLIC, many of these infants are CRYING IN PAIN. They can’t talk, so they naturally CRY to let you know that something is WRONG. When dietary changes and standard methods do not provide relief from constant crying, it’s way past time to see me. And indeed, for these infants our type of chiropractic care can be a miracle.


   Whether infants can feel or tolerate pain remains a mystery to most scientists and researchers. However, after seeing hundreds of infants develop normal sleep patterns without crying spells following chiropractic treatment, one researcher suggested that infants are frequently in pain and should be checked.

   And unlike chronic pain that has had decades to settle in, the so-called "pinched nerve, twisted spine or compressed cranial bones" of the infant are relatively fresh and new. That accounts for the almost routinely MIRACULOUS RESULTS following proper chiropractic care.


   An amazing study performed by a lot of chiropractors and medical doctors, where 316 infants suffering from "colic" were selected and treated with spinal adjustments. And although the study was uncontrolled (no control group), there were distinct and specific guidelines and criteria.

   The median age of the infants was 5.7 weeks at the beginning of treatment. The results were kept in a diary by the mother and in an assessment file kept by interviews with the mother. The study was carried out over three months involving 73 chiropractors in 50 clinics.


   All the results occurred and were recorded WITHIN TWO WEEKS and after an average of THREE TREATMENTS. The results? According to the well-defined criteria, of all the infants, 94% showed satisfactory results with spinal adjustments.

   This is some powerful data in anyone's book, but if you have an extremely fussy baby at home screaming from "colic", it may be even more important to you! If this is the case in your family, call my clinic, (734) 677-0111 for more information.

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