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Subluxated Body

Do You Have A Subluxated Nervous System And Don’t Even Know It

   This might be the most important handout I’ve ever shared with you.


   Because most people do NOT understand the power of their nervous system and what it affects.

   If you’ve read any of my other handouts, you know that your nervous system influences every single part of your body, and when it comes to your food, your stomach, enzymes, acid production, and digestion are no exceptions.

   That means that if you eat something, say a donut, that’s not good... as it could effect your nervous system due to inflammation.

   When your nervous system is NOT balanced, NOT functioning and experiencing some scary little unknown disruptions in it’s delicate architecture, chances are that NO matter how nutritious and tasty your meal is, the nutrients that your body needs - won’t be properly STORED, broken down or even entirely used.

How’s that possible?

   Whether you know this or not, your nervous system is responsible for telling your body what it needs to do after you eat.

   If a disturbance or misalignment in your nervous system is present, the messages sent from your brain and body will go unread. That means things can go wrong with you.

   While you may be eating three meals a day, your body isn’t reaping the benefits that it should, leaving you to wonder why you don’t feel as good as you thought you would.

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