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Knee Pain

“Knee Pain Can Be Treated And Helped… At This Office!”

   When was the last time your knee(s) hurt? Do they hurt now? Can you walk normally?

   The most basic of daily activities from bending down to pick up the grocery bag, climbing the stairs, walking from your car to the office, or just getting out of bed can feel so difficult when you are experiencing knee pain.

   I know. I had a friend that had knee pain and he was only 60 years old. When he finally came to me, his pain was gone on the first visit, but it did come back. He stuck with the 25 treatments and viola. No knee pain and he’s moving like a 25 year old now.

   As you know, knee pain definitely has a negative effect on your ability to function optimally. If you’re always limping, people notice that. 

   You do not have to decide to live with the knee pain, or reduce your activity level, or start taking more pain medication and acting like an older senior person.

   We’ll examine you and address the underlying issues that are most likely causing your knee pain (when it isn’t from an acute injury), and use a combination of techniques to help alleviate your knee pain.

   There are usually several angles of approach when it comes to treating knee pain this way and we’ve really been successful with this type of injury. We can apply a special type of manual manipulation and mobilization techniques in the areas of the restricted and painful areas in the knee as well as surrounding joints. This gets the joint freed up and you’ll feel the difference.

   Our specialized knee pain protocols help reduce most types of knee pain while simultaneously increasing the range of motion in your knee joint and improving its overall function. 

   We’ll also address the issues in and around the knee from the pain, but will also investigate if other alignment issues in other areas of the body may actually be the true cause of the knee pain, or at least contributing to it. With the right care, these knee issues you’re having can be corrected so you can live a pain-free life. 

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