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Allergies and Kids

Chiropractic care for allergies and kids

Erika Roberg takes her three children to a chiropractor once a week.

Her oldest son, 4-year-old Caleb started seeing Dr. Greg Mortimer of Englewood just days after he was born. Roberg says the adjustments have worked.

"If he gets a cold, it is over in hours, not days," she said. 

Her 2-year-old son, Andrew needs the most help. He has severe allergies and asthma and often needs oxygen to function and feel good.

"I can bring Andrew here in an acute allergy attack. Before we leave, he is about 80 percent better. He can breathe easier. His mood is generally better. His eyes are usually less puffy. The redness will be mostly gone. And then, by the end of the evening, if he's on oxygen, I can get him off oxygen. He's just better."

So is chiropractic care the answer to allergy problems?

"Chiropractic does not treat those allergies," Dr. Greg Mortimer of FSP Wellness Center said.  

"What we do is open those little vertebra's where the nerves go to the lungs and allow Andrew to breathe easier. Over time, his body will get strong enough where his body may outgrow his allergies."

"It is the same with an adult," Mortimer adds. "We are in allergy season right now... itchy eyes, irritated sinuses, the wheezing from the blooming and the pollen. I can help with the symptom of the allergy. I can help the sinuses and lungs open up and help the body become stronger on the immune system level. Some people will need medical intervention. I am not against that at all. But, if we can create less sick people in our system, we will have an answer to our health care crisis right now."

Mortimer says when it comes to working on children, the adjustments are light and require no more pressure than what one would use to test the ripeness of a tomato.

Caleb and Andrew are not the only patients in the Roberg family.

Seven-week-old Gavi who was born premature had her first adjustment on her second day.

"We saw an immediate improvement. She had free range of motion in her neck after that. She was able to recuperate and grow quicker because she didn't have the locked up neck."

Roberg says Gavi's doctors were able to discharge her from the hospital sooner than they thought because she did so well for a preemie. Roberg credits the chiropractic adjustments.

For most parents, chiropractic care for their children is not something that's not on their radar. Roberg says it is a tremendous asset for her family.

"My kids love it. They will say when they need an adjustment and they're always right. They always have a misalignment when we get here," she said.  She says the stretching and light manipulations are relaxing and comforting to them.                                                                
Source:  (KUSA-TV © 2010 Multimedia Holdings Corporation)

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