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Big Pharma strikes again


A man walks into his kitchen in slow motion, yawning and
rubbing his shoulder. His shirt’s unbuttoned and his tie’s undone.

This guy just can’t get it together. He walks right past the fridge,
and right past his wife and kids who he doesn’t even notice.

He goes straight for the cabinet and grabs a box of “Bayer AM.”
All of a sudden, the sun comes up and he’s at full speed.His tie is done, he grabs his jacket and briefcase and he’s out the door with a smile.

I saw this commercial on TV the other day and I couldn't believe it.
You’d think the guy was reaching for a pain reliever. But the
ad says Bayer AM is “formulated for alertness and to fight fatigue.”
Really … it’s just aspirin with caffeine.

I thought to myself, the drug companies have finally done it.
They’ve found a way to fill the whole day with pain relievers.

As Chiropractors we don't believe in drugs for pain relief in general.
We use adjustments and nutrition to correct the cause.
But now these drugs are being advertised as little wonder pills to
get you through every part of the day.

I’m sure you’re aware, aspirin can cause you to bleed into your gut.                                           That’s a bad place to bleed because you may not know it’s happening.

Motrin is the #1 cause of stomach ulcers and Tylenol is the #1 cause                                        of liver failure. And I’m pretty sure most of us have used these drugs                                          at some point in your life.

And every year there are people who die this way. We have the solution                                    we offer a painless, natural, permanent way to relieve pain by correcting                                  the underlying cause, make sure everyone you know, know this.

You need to educate yourself and your family and friends about this

brain washing of drug companies that's killing people.

I know we are a small drop in the bucket when drug companies
spend billions of dollars a week advertising drugs, but if we don't
tell people who else will?

Anyone that you refer to us this month will receive a complete                                   Consultation, Exam, X-Rays, and Report of Findings at NO CHARGE!                                                           Expires February 28th, 2017. 

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